Southern Mark Safety: The First Choice in First Aid!

Advantages of Southern Mark Safety- There are many advantages that set SMS apart from others in the industry and allow us to give you more for your money!

*Exceptional Service: No contract and no service charges

*Unique Products: Cutting edge technology in wound treatment

*Highest Quality Products: ISO 9002 Certified (Mark of Quality) We use only the strongest materials and best ingredients

*Best Equipped Kits: Kits and cabinets designed to offer the best variety of items to treat minor injuries

*Meet Safety Requirements: All kits and cabinets are OSHA compliant and meet ANSI Standards

*Packaging: Clearly labeled packages, illustrations and bilingual instructions

*Service: Regular checks of first aid cabinets to clean them and make sure you always have what you need

*Training: We teach your employees the proper usage of our products

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